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Venture Capital

Yes, Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC has access, as well as the ability to secure Venture Capital, for those Companies who are READY to receive capital.


To this point, Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC specializes in serving two distinct segments of the venture capital market:


1. Those who are PROVIDING various forms of Capital

2. Those who are SEEKING various forms of Capital


To those reading, YOU are either....


- A Provider of Venture Capital, (Venture Capital Firm decision maker, Hedge Fund Manager, Wealth Management Advisor, and / or Angel Investment Group Principal / Angel Investor)




- A Business Principal, seeking capital (Owner, Founder, Entrepreneur and / or CEO-CFO)


Please follow one of the above, relevant links to explore how Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC  may be of assistance.


Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC also specializes in the "rounding out" of it's Client's, Executive Management Teams.


Interim CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, CIO's are available to help secure funding, which includes proper use of raised capital.


In addition, Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC will also assist (where appropriate) with the development of:


- A comparative benefits analysis of choosing the best Business Entity structure i.e. LLC, S Corp, C ..Corp etc. for all operational and tax requirements.

- The formation and filing of applicable registration documents, serving as the Agent of Register, ..for chosen Business Entity, to applicable Secretary of State.

- Articles of Organization (if a LLC), Articles of Corporation (if a Corporation) etc..

- And filing of your SS-4 (Business Entity Tax Id)

- The Capitalization table, proportionate the  Financial model (required for valuations).

- Offering Memorandum / Private Placement Offering documents.

- Funding strategies which adhere to Best Practice Share / Class types i.e. Class A,B - Preferred, ..non-preferred, Common etc...




Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC will often consider deferring and converting a major portion of its
fee's towards earned equity positions.

These types of compensation agreements work quite well as we are motivated
towards our clients' success.



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