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Sound, business logic is the foundational premise upon which all technological implementations succeed.


To this point, the realization of viable exit strategies and liquidity events begin with the following Business considerations:


1. "Fund-able" business strategies drive the selection, implementation and use of technology (never the other way around).

2. Technology becomes the backbone of operational execution, of which chosen technology will THEN support business. In other words, technology supports business.

3. Technology is then leveraged to increase valuations, thus optimizing Founder / Investor equity position(s).


Having said this, it is imperative that perspective clients weigh ALL technological decisions against the following question:


"How will this technological decision impact / increase the overall liquidity event(s) of my initiative / the business I am considering investing"?


This perspective allows PVP to guide Client engagements, congruous to best of breed implementation methodologies.





The PVP Technology Practice


In lieu of and pursuant to the specialization of Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC's  strategic, technological due diligence efforts, Pre and Post engagement considerations must be focused upon PRIOR to technology recommendations.


PRE-engagement: The above focus drives the PVP analysis of its Client Companies Marketing strategies.


POST-engagement End to end analysis and subsequent validation of PVP Client Company Branding and Messaging campaign(s) then define Client Company value proposition(s).


In addition to the clear definition of Client value propositions, PVP ensures that Client branding and messaging efforts clearly reflect "Who You are / What You Do".


This market research then allows PVP to quantify and validate it's Client's "Size of Market".


The quantified Target Market size, will identify proposed;


- LAN / WAN / Intra-Extranet / Cloud / Website/ Mobile App System user(s) behavioral profiles


- Technology user session(s)

- E-commerce transaction(s)

- App downloads etc.,


Or simply put, foretasted "system load".....


Defined "system load", THEN drives the development of a technology architecture (separate from network topology design) hardware and software "stack", scale-ability matrix.


This “matrix” ensures the future development of a scale-able, 5/9 Initiative (99.999% network and application stack uptime threshold). 


 You may be asking yourself "What does all of this, specifically have to do with technology"?.....


We are very glad you asked…..


1. Validated and Defensible Marketing strategies generate system “load” upon which Technology Architecture(s) operate.


2. Technology architecture user / system “load” generates revenue.


3. Forecasted revenue THEN justifies the cost of technology.


Salient business logic is woven though out the technology landscape of fund-able every business.



PVP Technology Practice



Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC serves businesses within the following developmental stages:


- Start up

- Emerging

- Mid stage

- Ongoing Private and Public Companies


Clients of the Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC Technology practice can enjoy either:


A.  à la carte" deliverables


or interium


B. CIO / CTO / COO and or end to end engagement to liquidity event deliverables.


Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC specializes in the following, best of breed process's / deliverables:


- "Liquidity event-centric", Technological Business Model analysis

- Initiative specific, "Scoping" workshop

- Workflow impact analysis (current vs. proposed)

- Business requirements definitions / documentation

- Functional Specifications development

- Existing technology platform / network analysis

- Platform development assesment /analysis

    -  Open source: LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySql, custom PHP)

           -Pros - Cons

    - .Net

           - Pros - Cons

- Development Platform selection

- Devvelopment environment analysis selection / Overall cost of ownership

     - Domestic

                                - Contract

                                - Hire

     - Off-shore

- System load, scalability Matrix development

- Network topology design

      - Faul tolorant, 5/9 initiative, network analysis

                                  - Hosted

                                  - Dual coast

                                  - Clustered

                                  - Server farm

- GUI navigation logic / design development pursuant to target markets



Praetorian Venture Partner, LLC specializes in the following technology development and implementation Methodologies:


- EA (Enterprise Architecture) compliant methodologies i.e; EAP, TOGAF, DODAF, Gartner, and FEA

- SOA (Service Orientated Architecture, Aerospace / Gov't)

- Quick Ignight

- Spiral

- Object Orientated

- Agile (for software development)

- Deep Packet Inspection (for relational DB schemata layer flow through design)

- SCRUM (for older European intergrations into current platforms)

- JIT for CRM / RMA process integration into current ERP plarforms


Praetorian Venture Partner, LLC also specializes in:


- Cloud based application development

- LAN / WAN hardware topology design, development and implementation

- LAN / WAN to Mobile platform interface / integration

- LAN / WAN to Web platform interface / integration

- Mobile stand alone development

- Web stand alone development





Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC will often consider deferring and converting a major portion of its
fee's towards earned equity positions.

These types of compensation agreements work quite well as we are motivated
towards our clients' success.



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