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Business Development

Business Development is a pretty broad term.

SO put plainly, Business Development is the execution of the Strategic Plan's short - mid and long range business objectives, along with manageable goals and implementation timelines .

Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC specializes in the prioritization and EXECUTION of Business Development goals, of which are targeted towards specific liquidity / "exit" events.

Having said this, the best and quickest way to profitability is to Prioritize Business Development goals, SPECIFIC to goals which are "closest" to generating revenue.

Regardless of the stage of the business "life-cycle", Proper execution of prioritized, "revenue-centric" business goals BEGIN with the definition of the Business Initiatives: 

1. Messaging - Value proposition summary (Who you are)

2. Target demographic(s) market analysis (To whom are you selling)

3. Size of the market definition (Revenue potential - macro)

4. Competitive analysis - barrier to entry assessment (Who leads your "space")

5. Competitive differentiators (Your "secret sauce")

6. Marketing share forecast (Revenue goals - micro)

7. Marketing plan ROI analysis (Validation of customer acquisition costs)

8. Revenue forecast (Validated assumptions)

9. Technology requirement(s) / I.T.  functional specifications (Technology deployment)

10. Execution of business goal

Clients who leverage the PVP Business Development Practice are ideal candidates for our Interim, Chief Operating Officer set of deliverables.


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Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC will often consider deferring and converting a major portion of its
fee's towards earned equity positions.

These types of compensation agreements work quite well as we are motivated
towards our clients' success.



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