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Venture Capital Providers
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Angel Investors

For over 12 years, Capital Providers have relied on Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC to assist in their funding efforts.

You are considering INVESTING in either a Start Up, Emerging, Mid-stage or On-going business concern.

Appropriate FUNDING of high yielding ROI business initiatives are the pillars upon which your Investments succeed.

To this point, there is often a lack of cohesion within a Company’s strategic planning, business / financial modeling and technology deployment efforts.

This lack of cohesion is often incongruous to viable exit and liquidity events.

In addition, it is rare that upon funding request, a start-up, emerging or mid-stage business have in place:

- A “FUNDABLE” / viable business model, along with   validated assumptions from Conception, to Liquidity event.

- An EXECUTION strategy, congruous to best practice   funding criteria.

- REQUIRED COO - CTO - CFO skill-sets capitalized and   secured.

The "bottom line" (and very respectfully) is that FEW BUSINESS' seeking Capital are actually READY FOR CAPITAL.

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Business Owners
Principals & CEOs

As the industry leader in Strategic innovation, Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC Increases the valuation and fundability thereof, for its Client companies through ethics based due diligence and execution advisory services. 

In addition to assisting Business Principals and Entrepreneurs prepare for, to seek and secure 
Venture Capital, Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC also may install Interim COO's - CTO's - CIO'S 
and CFO's, respectively, to help round out the Executive Management Team. 


....a Business Founder, Key decision maker seeking: 

- A specific round of Capital Funding

- To lead your Company to a Liquidity event 

- To Deploy a small to Enterprise Class 
  Technology Initiative 

- To Automate Existing workflow Process whilst 
  deploying technology

- To Develop an enhanced sales strategy

- To build market share


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Praetorian Venture Partners, LLC will often consider deferring and converting a major portion of its
fee's towards earned equity positions.

These types of compensation agreements work quite well as we are motivated
towards our clients' success.



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